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One of Tokyo's most attractive features is the huge scale of its economy. If Tokyo were a country, its GDP would be ranked 14th in the world.Tokyo's economy is 2.3 times larger than Taiwan's. Its economic scale is equal to that of South Korea or Mexico.

world rankings
world rankings

photo Tokyo is able to maintain its position as a top world economic power due to a constant increase in its population.Tokyo was ranked No. 1 in the world for most populous metropolitan area.It is expected to remain No. 1 even in the year 2025.

photo In addition, Tokyo is ranked No. 4 on the Global Power City Index.It is also voted No. 1 tourist city in the world.
Even among famous international cities like Paris, New York and London, Tokyo is widely acknowledged as being one of the world’s most attractive.


One of Tokyo's greatest features is its peaceful atmosphere, where people can live and work comfortably, safely, and conveniently.Even though it's a major international city, it has a level of public security among the highest in the world.
For instance, while the annual number of homicides per 1 million inhabitants is 56.1persons in New York, 28.5 in Seoul, 20.7 in London, 19.1 in Taipei, and 15.9 in Paris, in Tokyo it is just 10.5 individuals.In Tokyo, when luggage is left unattended in public places, it is rarely stolen. Even in the case of lost wallets, residents of Tokyo often take them to police boxes (police officer posts found all around the city that are manned 24 hours a day). Tokyo's exceptionally strong public security is unrivalled by any other global city.


photo The level of technology and punctuality of Tokyo's transportation network are outstanding. Tokyo has an extensive public railway network (JR), a number of private railways, and 15 subway lines. People can conveniently travel by train to almost anywhere in the 23 wards of Tokyo.And, the punctuality of Tokyo's train services will simply amaze you. It truly is one of the best in the world.

photo Another attraction of Tokyo is its beautiful public parks, which provide a lush natural scenery for the city.In fact, Tokyo was ranked No. 1 in the world for both 2012 and 2013 in the environmental category of the Global Power City Index (Mori Memorial Foundation).


Investing in Japanese real estate is attractive because investors can expect both relatively high yields and steady rental income compared to other countries.
Yields differ depending on the type of property and the area, but a number of properties generate yields between 5% and 6%, and others can offer yields of more than 10%.If you are keeping your surplus funds in low-yield investments, they can be better invested in Japanese real estate. You can see increases in your income gains, which will further contribute to your asset accumulation.


Investments in Japanese real estate traditionally aim for steady income gains, rather than capital gains. However, because Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games, investors now have the opportunity to receive both income and capital gains.
One of the more attractive features of investing in Tokyo real estate now is the fact that investors can receive both income and capital gains.

Tokyo real estate

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Ryo Tabata Minamiaoyama Real Estate's main real estate business is with property located in the 23 wards of Tokyo, the heart of the metropolitan area.With almost no property transactions taking place outside of the 23 wards, many people, including ourselves, believe us to be Tokyo real estate specialists.“The liquidity of properties in Tokyo and the ability to convert them into cash is far greater than the overall real estate market in Japan. Because the supply/demand balance is good and the trading market is so active, we can confidently recommend foreign investors to buy Tokyo real estate.” -- Ryo Tabata, President of Minamiaoyama Real Estate.

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While Minamiaoyama Real Estate focuses on the narrow scope of Tokyo's 23 wards, it handles a wide variety of property types.We cover a diverse range of properties: single condominiums, apartments, single family homes, offices, retail stores, factories, warehouses, multi-story buildings, large-scale apartment complexes, land and more.Minamiaoyama Real Estate offers properties ranging in price, from several million yen, to several hundred million yen. One of our strengths is that we can propose properties to foreign investors according to their individual asset situation. If you are an investor and you do not have experience purchasing real estate in Japan, do not worry. Here is some advice from our President. “It's a good idea to first purchase a used condominium within a reasonable price range. Then, once you become familiar with investing in Japanese real estate, you can start investing in other types of property.”

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photo Minamiaoyama Real Estate does not end its relationship with a client after it has sold to him.We make sure to support our clients even after they purchase one or more of our properties.We want to meet our clients' expectations as best as we can, so we provide post-sale property management and other services to fulfill their needs. We view the relationships we build with our clients as long-term partnerships.
Investors will find that real estate companies that only offer brokerage services usually end relationships with a client once a sale is completed. Unfortunately, investors can end up in a big problem post-sale if they go through agencies with sub standard business practices.

Clients who go through Minamiaoyama Real Estate are treated like friends and we make sure to provide support even after clients invest in our properties. We want our clients to have peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us with your investment questions. We will gladly take the time to explain the risks of any property you're interested in and we will never pressure you into purchasing a property. --Ryo Tabata, President of Minamiaoyama Real Estate.

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photo Minamiaoyama Real Estate is contacted by many customers in Asia. Taiwan and China are two countries in particular where many of our clients are from. We have Taiwanese staff in-house who can help you in Chinese. We also have staff members who can speak English. As Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Olympic Games, real estate in the city has been attracting more investors. For wealthy Asians, possessing Japanese real estate is becoming more of a status symbol each year. Now is the time to enter the Japanese market, so if you're interested, please contact us.
In March, 2014, we will be opening a Taiwanese branch
in the city of Kaohsiung.

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